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Why is your service worth more than other Home Inspection Companies?

We can never get out of any home and not write up at least 45-70 items needing attention. And trust me, you better know all these issues or they will become larger repairs in the future. Some are major issues now, every house has them, many are maintenance needs overlooked by the builder, the buyer and/or the Home Inspector.

Simply put we are MUCH more thorough, we’re not bragging, it’s just the facts.. I’ll never say I know everything, and neither will any competent Home Inspector, but we hear from sellers and agents all the time “why didn’t the last 2 home inspectors find all of these deficiencies and issues?”

It’s because when we go through a home we look at every possible area we can, that coupled with our experience and ability allows us to save you more money and prevent more headaches before and after you purchase your new home.

We often have reports with 100+ photos of areas needing attention. The average is 75 issues, and that’s on a smaller home, larger homes average 100+ but many go well over 100 issues if they have been neglected or had a very poor contractor doing work.

You may save some money now with a less thorough inspection but pay in the long run, and as we’ve seen many times even soon after you move in.. we know because we get calls from people who used their agents inspector and had major problems wanting us to help them.

How long does an inspection take and when do I get my report?

An average 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with a 2 car garage will take around 3 hours, then the report will be issued the following day. Report writing takes approximately 2 hours. We spend a total of app. 5 hours per average 3 bedroom 2 bath home inspection where most companies spend only 3 hours OR LESS!

How much does it cost?

Costs vary widely due to size, age, location and condition. We will ask you a series of questions to determine your cost. An average 3 bedroom 2 bath home with a basement or crawlspace runs $395.00, a small slab home averages $345.00, termite inspections are $50.00 and Radon gas testing is $145.00  and our equipment is the highest quality equipment available giving instant readouts and are tamperproof. (That means you don’t have to send it to a lab for results, we print them immediately from the machine)