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Professional Home Inspection Service in Louisville, Kentucky

home inspection service

  • 23+ Years inspecting over10,000 homes in Louisville KY.
  • Perfect BBB record for over 23 years
  • Over 30 years in and around construction performing roofing, framing, structural repairs, maintenance and remodeling, handyman repairs etc..
  • No Real Estate Agent solicitation. We simply do not work for Real Estate Agents.
  • Very thorough, informative and patient with buyers and questions ensuring full comprehension of issues present.
  • Computerized reports with digital photos of defects and maintenance needs of home.
  • Walk with your Home Inspector and ask questions, learn about maintenance unique to your home.
  • Uniquely qualified in older home inspections due to past remodeling of homes in Old Louisville and in new home inspections due to construction experience.
  • We save you on average thousands more due to our ability to point out more issues saving you both the expense of repairs now previous owners or even the original builders should have remedied but also saving you from those repairs when selling the home IF the buyers Home Inspector is thorough. We save you more because we find more!
  • Trusted by our clients and hated by the Real Estate industry and builders, but that all works out for your benefit IF your Agent doesn’t scare you off by telling lies about our perfect record Company or even worse not allow us access as many Realtors do. (As unprofessional as it is they do)
  • More customer reviews than any other Home Inspection Company in the State, just Google Commonwealth Home Inspections reviews and you will get reviews from the BBB (A+ Rated btw) Google, Yelp Customer Lobby Zero complaints from our clients in 23 years; Except of course the lady who complained about her toilets being high efficiency flush which is the Law and REALTORS! 🙂

Some companies have great websites claiming to be the “#1 Louisville Home Inspector”,  “Most trusted” “Super Service Award Winner” and some Home Inspection companies offer cool extras..

We just offer the MOST THOROUGH home inspection available in Louisville KY and surrounding areas!

It amazes me when I look at other Inspection Companies sample reports and wonder just how much these guys are missing on a daily basis because they trust their tools but lack true experience.

I can point out substantial hazards and issues in their reports they have online they have missed, and if they aren’t aware of these items what are they going to miss for you?

Agents talk about us all the time and you can rest assured they’re not saying “use Kenny Martin”, most call us the “deal killers” and other not so nice words.

We take all of it as a great compliment knowing we are doing what is ethical, doing our best to find every issue we can before you buy your next home so you will be ready when you sell and not get those costly surprises.

So once you schedule with us you can forget about all those inspectors who do great inspections for real estate agents and rest assured we will do a thorough Home Inspection for the only one who really matters.. YOU!