It’s not often I have anything good to say about service people anymore, it’s a sad state service has fallen to.. I must say however my faith was restored when I hired Kenny Martin to inspect our new and hopefully final home. I have been investing in homes in other states for many years and grew up in and around the construction industry and I can tell you I couldn’t poke holes in anything Kenny told me concerning the home, I even learned a few things.. OK, more than just a few, but I enjoyed the time spent inspecting with Kenny more than anything I can remember recently. We spent 4 hours looking at every possible area of the home, Kenny literally seemed to look at every square inch of the home and with his flashlight found things that amazed even me even though I thought I knew how to find everything. I learned years ago people are worth their weight in gold if they truly try to help and know what they are doing, I definitely found that in Kenny, and a new friend.

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