Real Estate Agents are at it again!

Well, here we go again.. but actually it never stopped, it’s just getting worse. There are now Real Estate Agents locally here in Louisville KY who have on their listings “Kenny Martin with Commonwealth Home Inspections cannot inspect this home”, and now the Greater Louisville Association of Realtors (GLAR) has had their attorney advising on how to prevent “certain Home Inspectors” from  inspecting homes they list even though we have a 5 star rating, perfect BBB record and many years inspecting thousands of homes with no complaints from our clients. By far the most egregious and inappropriate part of all this is that Buyers Realtors are telling the Selling Agent who the Inspector is so they can cancel the Inspection.. Selling Agents have no authority over who a Buyer uses and almost zero of the Sellers know who we are other than the lies Realtors tell them and it is further proof Realtors are not protecting their Buyers by saying who the Inspector is.. We Work For YOU! NOT Real Estate Agents!

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