Inspect your home before you sell!

The absolute best way to sell your home faster is having Commonwealth Home Inspections evaluate your home fully prior to sale so you will not be surprised with high  dollar items that may come up in the Home Inspection.

It happens all the time, we do Home Inspections for our clients and find deal breakers and the sellers usually say “why didn’t OUR Home Inspector find it when he inspected for us”!?

When we complete your Home Inspection I can guarantee you’ll know far more than you could have ever imagined about the condition of your home.

If you go ahead and repair the major items, or disclose them, the small items usually won’t matter to the buyer and you will not end up with a cancelled contract from your buyer.

We average 75+ photos per home inspection! And that’s just a small 3 bedroom and 2 bath home, we easily go over 100 on larger homes.

Most items will be maintenance and minor repairs and by themselves usually not a big deal, but when you add all that together it can get pretty scary and pricey to have professionally repaired causing buyers to want more done than if you had already disclosed everything.

So give Commonwealth Home Inspections a call now and get your Home Inspection BEFORE you list so you can sell faster!