Do not make this mistake!

Don’t shop around for price and don’t hire a Home Inspector who relies on real estate agents for their referrals!

I can’t tell you how many times I hear  this about our inspection services, “I’ve never had a home inspection this thorough before”.

Shop for experience and quality!

Lets say you can save up to $100 on a home inspection from another company? It takes only one repair item to wipe out those savings and actually cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars, and usually it is thousands overall when compared to our inspections.

Numerous news shows have shown hiring an Agents Inspector can lead to costly repairs they did not properly advise you about due to the relationship between inspectors and agents or lack of experience, Home Inspectors are almost always influenced in some way by the agent.

When we inspect homes, and we have inspected for builders and investors, they ALWAYS say they can’t believe how much they missed.

At Commonwealth Home Inspections this is what we do, it is what we do best, and it is what will save you the most money and heartache when buying your new home.

Please don’t make the same mistake thousands of people have made and either go with your Real Estate Agents Inspector or try to save money when hiring a Home Inspector, you will usually be sorry if we are the ones who inspect for the buyers when you sell.